Give A Hand


Give a Hand to Fairtrade is our challenge towards empowering more people to get their fair share of the worlds wealth through our everyday choices.

Youtheme already works with a number of fairtrade realities, through selling their products at our shop in Paola but also and especially through co-financing and managing projects in developing countries to help empower young people and support development in their communities.

We know that fair trade is a powerful tool to eradicate poverty, and are committed towards spreading the awareness in Malta.

How to start making a change


1. Decide to give a hand and like our Youtheme Youthwork,

2. Think of 5 friends, to whom you want to speak to about fair trade..and get down to do it:),

3. Speak to them about, the values and benefts of fair trade, liking our page and speaking to 5 others themselves,

4. Consider becoming a friend of Youtheme Foundation to support youth & development initiatives,

5. Visit SAY IT! our shop in Paola


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